Essie – Vermillionaire

As promised! This color packs a punch.

It’s bold, it’s wow, it’s summer, it’s hot!

I have one little dilemma though…*looks left, looks right* I have a job interview tomorrow. And, well, you know how they say your nail polish color shouldn’t distract the interviewer – Vermillionaire is going to distract from the job questions and make her ask “Oh girl, where’d you get that color?!”

Which isn’t a bad thing 😉




You know when you find a color that just…works? Yup….this might be it.

Pastels & pinks have always looked cute on me. But this color right HERE! This orange-y, reddish, pinky-y – Glorrrrry….I’m rockin’ coral all summa!


P.S. you see those naked fingernails? New color soon!

OPI – Skull & Bones

OPI - Skull & Bones

I am GAGA over this color. Its simple but there’s something really cool, refreshing and timless about this gray-ish/off-white color.

It’s literally the color of bones. I’m feeling it so much. I graduate in 5 days and as hard as its going to be for me I think I’m going to keep this color on for graduation.

5 days without a polish change (record scratch and gasp!) Somebody say a hail mary for me.


I gave it a fair shot and that’s what counts right?? This is the “Lighter Than Lime Green” color I just did a post on and it’s giving me blehh vibes.

I thought it would be a great season transition color but womp womp….still not loving it. I’ll rock it for another day or two (maybe it’ll grow on me) but after that its a-coming off and going to the back of the drawer!