Club Havana


Hello! Apologies for this hiatus but I’m baaaack and bright!

To say we haven’t even officially started summer (4 more days!) I’ve sure been acting like it. Every single color I’ve had on emulates the feeling of the warmer season. It makes me think beach, sand, martinis, beach balls, volleyball, surfing, jet skis, short shorts, bandeau tops, curly hair (#TeamNoHeatThisSummer), sandals, sundresses and most importantly AIR CONDITIONING!

Yes to this Club Havana color :)))


Essie – Vermillionaire

As promised! This color packs a punch.

It’s bold, it’s wow, it’s summer, it’s hot!

I have one little dilemma though…*looks left, looks right* I have a job interview tomorrow. And, well, you know how they say your nail polish color shouldn’t distract the interviewer – Vermillionaire is going to distract from the job questions and make her ask “Oh girl, where’d you get that color?!”

Which isn’t a bad thing 😉