OPI – Skull & Bones

OPI - Skull & Bones

I am GAGA over this color. Its simple but there’s something really cool, refreshing and timless about this gray-ish/off-white color.

It’s literally the color of bones. I’m feeling it so much. I graduate in 5 days and as hard as its going to be for me I think I’m going to keep this color on for graduation.

5 days without a polish change (record scratch and gasp!) Somebody say a hail mary for me.


Lighter than Lime Green


At least that’s what I’m calling it. Concrete Kiss is one of the cheaper brands of nail polish & they don’t have a name for this color.

I’ve tried it on before and never really LOVED it but I plan on trying it again tomorrow. Spring is here and Summer is a-coming…it’s time to liven up these fingaz!!